Lan Ming Yue


Liang Ye’s eyes looked murderous. He pressed the fragment scroll at his chest, staring at Wang Dian with a half-smile, “Zhen wasn’t gentle?”

“Gentle.” Wang Dian cautiously stepped back, but was grabbed by the wrist with a force strong enough to break it. He immediately hissed in pain, “Hiss, Liang Ye.”

Wang Dian’s strength was not small, but it was nothing compared to his. He was easily pulled into the embrace, completely restrained. Liang Ye tilted his head, seemingly genuinely puzzled, “Zhen wasn’t considerate?”

“Considerate.” Wang Dian nodded perfunctorily. “You’re the most considerate and gentle. Let go, we need to return to the main hall soon. Don’t wrinkle the clothes.”

“Liar.” Liang Ye tugged at the corner of his mouth, not hiding the jealousy and anger in his eyes at all. “What treasure did your first wife give you that makes you look down on even Zhen’s jade pendant? Bring it out for Zhen to see.”

His tone clearly implied “bring it out and Zhen will surely destroy it”. Wang Dian instantly felt overwhelmed with regret for his loose tongue, and tried to placate him gently. “She never gave me anything. It’s all in the past.”

Hearing this, Liang Ye held him even tighter, coldly saying, “She’s dead and you still can’t forget her. Do I need to grind her bones to dust for you to stop?”

“Who’s the one who can’t stop?” Wang Dian’s tone became heated as he said exasperatedly. “I’ll explain everything to you later. Let go first.”

Liang Ye laughed coldly and said in a deep voice: “From now on, if you dare mention your wives and concubines again, Zhen will make sure they won’t rest in peace even in death.”

Wang Dian was held so tightly he could barely breathe. The next moment, he was pinned to the table and kissed. Wang Dian turned his head to avoid it, shouting in a low voice. “Don’t go crazy here! Those wives and concubines were all made up to fool you. These people don’t exist at all. Can’t you use your brain?”

“Zhen’s brain isn’t good.” Liang Ye stared at him, smiling slowly. With one hand, he easily pinned both of Wang Dian’s arms above his head, gently caressing his face. His eyes showed no light at all. “Your words are always a mix of truth and lies, hard to distinguish. You’re cunning and crafty. How does Zhen know you’re not lying again?”

“Then what will make you believe?” Wang Dian asked anxiously. “You can’t be away for too long, or those people will use it as an excuse.”

“It’s simple. You let Zhen sleep with you.” Liang Ye lowered his head and bit Wang Dian’s ear, murmuring. “You’ve always refused to go all the way with Zhen. Is it to stay faithful to your gentle and considerate first wife? Wang Dian, you’re quite devoted.”

“I f*cking—” Wang Dian’s face turned green with anger. “I told you there’s no such person! And even if I were staying faithful—what the hell am I staying faithful for?!”

Liang Ye licked the side of Wang Dian’s neck where the veins were bulging, and viciously bit his throat.

A sharp pain made Wang Dian’s vision go dark, coldness shooting straight to his brain. He instinctively held his breath and lowered his voice. “Liang Ye, let go!”

A warm, moist sensation spread across his Adam’s apple, mingling numbness and a stinging pain. Only when Wang Dian let out a low, muffled groan did Liang Ye finally release his mouth. The blood on the corner of his mouth gave him a somewhat sinister appearance. He touched the blood seeping from the teeth marks and said with a smile, “Zhen knows what you and Zhao Qi are planning. You want Zhen to marry Shen Yueli? Dream on.”

Wang Dian remained silent for two seconds, then lowered his eyes and said, “I know you’re unwilling. It’s just about pretending to agree for now, and then proceeding slowly. There’s plenty of room for maneuvering in between. We’re not asking you to actually marry her.”

He indeed planned to cooperate with Zhao Qi later, first pretending to agree to the Lintu Alliance. Just now, he had used the scroll fragment to test Liang Ye’s attitude. Seeing little reaction, he thought Liang Ye wouldn’t mind this tactic. Who knew it would come with a delay.

“What if Cui Yuxian doesn’t give you the leeway you’re imagining? Should Zhen obediently marry that woman and then watch you run away?” Liang Ye’s voice suddenly turned cold. He reached out and gripped Wang Dian’s neck, smiling gently, “Wang Dian, do you think Zhen doesn’t know your plan? Zhen has lived in this palace for over twenty years, used to being others’ pawn. Look at those people outside, each one a master of putting on an act. Zhen thought you would be different from them, but in the end, even you are scheming against Zhen. How very nice.”

Wang Dian was pinned to the table, unable to move. He spoke with some difficulty, “If there really is no leeway… I still have a way…”

“You have a way?” Liang Ye looked at him and laughed, “To have Zhen put Zhen’s life in your hands?”

Wang Dian gritted his teeth and said, “Why can’t you trust me just once?”

“Have you ever trusted Zhen!?” Liang Ye said with a stern face, throwing him to the ground and yanking open the belt of his official robes.

Wang Dian was suddenly startled, “Liang Ye! You, don’t go crazy!”

“You let Zhen sleep with you, and Zhen will trust you.” Liang Ye used the belt to tie his hands to a nearby chair leg, quickly undoing his official robes, which fell loosely around his wrists, crumpled into a mess.

“Can’t you pick a better time!” Wang Dian was both shocked and angry. He raised his foot to kick, but Liang Ye grabbed his ankle and pulled it down, causing the back of his head to hit the armrest. Before he could feel the pain, Liang Ye roughly pressed his entire body on top of him.

“Zhen has picked a very good time.” Liang Ye tore open his pants and whispered in his ear, “If you don’t obey again, Zhen will take you to your first wife’s grave and do it in front of her.”

Wang Dian was so shocked that he didn’t know how to respond. As he struggled and pushed, Liang Ye was about to get serious, which made his blood boil with anger.

“Are you f*cking stupid?” Wang Dian violently broke free from the belt binding his wrists and punched Liang Ye in the stomach. He then grabbed his collar and slammed his head hard against the chair, shouting angrily, “Are you sober now!?”

Blood slowly trickled down Liang Ye’s nose bridge. Liang Ye laughed and pointed at his bloody wrists, saying, “Mentioning your first wife, your strength increased.”

“Increased my ass!” Wang Dian said through gritted teeth, “It’s just that you asked me to pretend to agree. If you can’t even endure this little discomfort, what’s the point of seizing power? How can you talk about people living in peace and prosperity? You might as well pack up and leave now.”

“You care about the world. If you let Zhen sleep with you, Zhen will agree.” Liang Ye lazily allowed himself to be pulled by the collar, his hand still mischievously caressing Wang Dian’s lower back. “Zhen will believe that you’ve forgotten your first wife.”

Wang Dian was so angry that his eyes seemed to shoot fire. He finally understood how the Eastern Chen envoy felt earlier when he wanted to stamp his feet in anger. Dealing with someone like Liang Ye, who was unreasonable and prone to outbursts at any time, would infuriate even the most patient person.

“Fine, come on, you sleep with me.” Wang Dian suddenly released his collar and leaned back heavily, saying coldly, “If you don’t f*ck me until I can’t walk today, you’re a bastard.”

Liang Ye’s eyes lit up. He held Wang Dian’s chin and kissed him hard, saying happily, “Alright, just tonight, Zhen promises to make you unable to get out of bed.”

After saying this, he contentedly pulled Wang Dian up from the ground and thoughtfully helped him put on his disheveled official robes. Wang Dian angrily pushed away his hands, “Right now. I’m not free tonight.”

“Zhen cannot leave the seat for too long, lest those people make a fuss again.” Liang Ye pointed at the nearly burnt-out incense in the corner with a smile, “Hmm, the timing is just right now. Zhen was too bored earlier and played a harmless little joke on you. But since you’re so unsatisfied, Zhen has no choice but to fulfill your desires.”

Wang Dian’s face turned ashen with anger. He snatched the belt Liang Ye handed over impatiently, pointed at him furiously, but was so angry he couldn’t utter a word. Finally, he angrily unfastened the jade pendant with red tassels from his waist and slammed it into Liang Ye’s hand. “Take it back, I don’t want it!”

With that, he turned and left.

Liang Ye caressed the jade pendant a couple of times and called out to Wang Dian’s retreating figure. “Zhen will put it back on you tonight.”

Wang Dian raised his middle finger at him without looking back.


By the time Wang Dian returned to the main hall after bandaging the wound on his wrist, Liang Ye was already sitting properly in the main seat. He wore his crown, which concealed the wound on his head — he had been careful not to hit his forehead when he knocked his head earlier.

Damn it.

Wang Dian felt sick just looking at him, but he had to pull himself together and proceed according to the original plan.

Putting everything else aside, when it came to “confronting” others, Wang Dian rarely met his match, except for Liang Ye, who was like a glitch. With Zhao Qi as an ally and the Northern Liang as teammates who could barely unite against outsiders, Wang Dian brandished the fragments of the Lintu Alliance. Even the eloquent Eastern Chen envoy had to shut his mouth sheepishly.

“This young Wang Daren is quite eloquent,” Cui Yuxian suddenly spoke up, smiling at Wang Dian. “So this is the gentleman that Ziyu went to great lengths to invite. He truly lives up to his reputation.”

“Empress is too kind. This minister is merely doing his duty and speaking the truth,” Wang Dian bowed respectfully.

Cui Yuxian’s expression remained unchanged. “But in Aijia’s opinion, this is just a matter between two young people. The Lintu Alliance is ancient history. Since Yueli is fond of Ziyu and has saved his life, and Ziyu’s harem is empty, this should be a match made in heaven.”

Upon hearing this, some of the Northern Liang officials who had been vigorously refusing lowered their heads, while others hesitated. Only the independent-minded officials from the outer court remained unyielding.

“Empress, although this is a matter of love between young people, it concerns the nations of Northern Liang and Eastern Chen. A marriage alliance between two countries is no small matter and cannot be decided lightly,” Wang Dian said.

A flash of displeasure crossed Cui Yuxian’s eyes, but she smiled and said, “But the token is right here. We can’t let Ziyu go back on his word.”

Wang Dian glanced at Liang Ye, who nodded at him, before speaking, “If that’s the case, we can first let His Majesty and the princess proceed—”

Before he could finish, a cold arrow suddenly pierced through the crowd, shooting straight towards Liang Ye. Liang Ye dodged quickly, but unexpectedly, the arrow split into two, with one striking Liang Ye right in the chest.

Liang Ye was stunned. He slowly looked down at the arrow in his chest, then raised his head in panic, looking at Wang Dian.

Countless cold arrows shot towards Liang Ye from all directions.

“Liang Ye!” Wang Dian’s mind went blank. Amidst the panicked screams and calls to protect the emperor, he pushed through the fleeing crowd and ran straight towards Liang Ye.



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