Koibito wo Netorare, Yuusha Party kara Tsuihou sa Retakedo

Darkness and the Hero Knight - 1

The great battle between humans and the demon clan–

Thanks to Yurin’s skill, we learned that the Human and Demon armies were confronting each other, so we quickly left the Ruins.

Our main objective was complete, and there was no point in staying there any longer.

“Yurin, do you know where the battle is taking place?”

“I don’t, but I think I can investigate… um… Which skill gives more detailed information than [Distant Viewing Mirror]… which one was it… ah…”

It seemed she wasn’t yet used to using the newly acquired [Demon] skills, as Yurin fumbled nervously.

“Calm down, Yurin. You’re too tense.”

Shia stood behind her, placing her hands on Yurin’s shoulders and massaging them.

“Ehehe, I wanted to quickly show Lord Chrome my abilities, so I got a bit flustered. I’m feeling better now.”

“No need to panic.”

I chimed in as well.

“Your power has increased significantly. It’s normal to be confused by that power. Take it slow and review which spells you can use.”


Yurin’s eyes, looking at me, seemed somewhat infatuated.

As if she were intoxicated.

“Then — I’ll provide more detailed information on the displayed image. [Distant Viewing Mirror – Show Details].”

She took a deep breath and used her ability once again.

On the circular mirror-like object in front of us, the vast plain scene from earlier began to move, providing a more detailed view than before.

If I wasn’t mistaken, that place was the Dior Grasslands in the eastern region of the Shaady Kingdom.

There, a giant skeleton wearing a hooded cloak was commanding the Demon army against thousands upon thousands of warriors and knights.

The giant skeleton fired countless spells, scattering the human forces.

Its subordinate lower-ranked Demons also charged in to annihilate the humans.

Too strong–

Their power must be on par with the elite army led by the former thirteen Commanders of the old Demon King’s Army, or perhaps even surpassing that.

Suddenly, the image on the mirror changed, turning towards the sky.

The figure of a knight appeared there.

“It’s him…!”


Maintaining the demeanor of royalty, he was riding a dragon, observing the battlefield from afar.

“What’s going on–“

“I don’t know. Suddenly the magic focused on Mr. Margo’s image–“

Yurin shook her head in confusion.

“Maybe this battle is related to Mr. Margo, so the mirror automatically switched to him. I apologize, my lord, I’m not very familiar with using this skill yet…”

Indeed, the observed area was still at the battlefield, and he was present there. If it were a normal Hero, they would have already intervened against the Demon side, but he was just silently observing.

“Let’s go take a look.”

I replied to the apologetic Yurin.

“If he’s involved in a battle of this scale, there must be some plot. He probably wants to be glorified as a Hero Knight. That’s just like him.”

I smiled, my grin twisting grotesquely.

“Then let’s go disrupt his plans. This revenge isn’t so bad.”

“But, charging into a large-scale battle like this could be dangerous–“

Yurin advised.

However, dangerous?

I unconsciously released black scales. It was an effect of the [Absolute Damage] Skill. Anything deemed dangerous to me would be corroded or vanish instantly upon contact.

“You’re worrying unnecessarily, Yurin. At least for now, no one can harm us, be they human or Demon.”

In this invasion by the Demon Army, Margo would certainly snatch a large chunk of benefits.

Well then, I’ll let the whole world see the true nature of that pure and righteous Hero.

“Let’s head to Margo’s location.”

Several days after setting out, we finally arrived at the Shaady Kingdom.

Normally, it would have taken longer due to the vast distance, but thanks to Yurin’s support skills, we arrived faster than planned.

We advanced toward the grasslands we had seen in Yurin’s mirror.

And on the way,

“Hey, where do you think you’re going, humans?”

“This area is the territory of the Demon Army! You humans dare to set foot here?”

A group of Demons jumped out to block our path.

From devils to Basilisks, Copper Golems, Fire Lord Mages… a mixed army of many species.

Their number was no less than 100.

I see, the battle lines have extended all the way here.

“Get lost.”

I simply raised my face and uttered a single word, not bothering to negotiate with them.

Shia and Yurin behind me were restraining themselves from charging forward to slaughter these insolent creatures before us.

Well, I didn’t think I needed support from those two.

“This bastard’s got some nerve! Bury him alive!”

“Those two women behind look delicious! Capture them alive for tonight’s feast!”

The Demons roared with excitement and charged forward.

Soon after, their battle cries turned into screams of agonizing pain.

Blood splattered everywhere.

The sound of flesh and bones shattering.

The scene was no different from a painting of hell.

Almost all the Demons gathered here had turned into particles of light, while those remaining in the back, realizing the situation was dire, had fled.

None of them could overcome [Absolute Damage].

“Let’s go. Don’t separate, Shia, Yurin.”


I spoke up, immediately receiving a response.

Stepping through the brutal battlefield, I headed straight for Margo’s location.

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