I'm Trying to End This Possession

“Everyone sees me as a pathetic villain, but… only Lady Allice reached out to me with sincerity.”


Of course, I did. I believed that there was a light of goodness in everyone’s heart…


“I felt saved by your heart, which trusted someone like me.”




“You are a saintess to me, Lady Allice.”


Saintess… That word shook my heart violently.


Yes, maybe Mark had been a bad guy, a ruffian, a villain until now. But that was before he met me. Maybe I’ve changed him.


But was it right to turn away from someone who found salvation in me? A person who felt saved by me?


“Do you know how much trouble I’m in?” I grumbled with a slightly softened voice. “They misunderstand me as a wicked woman who accepted bribes and aided Mark’s rebellion.”


“Don’t worry. I’ll explain everything.”




“Yes. I’ll explain to everyone, including my father and all the people of the territory, even the soldiers guarding the border.”




“I have to leave this castle soon. So I’m thinking of hosting a farewell party as a way to apologize and say goodbye.”


“A farewell party…?”


“Yes. It’s still the land I’ve lived in all my life. I want to host a gathering for the people of the territory as an apology and farewell.” Mark licked his lips. “So, how about inviting the border soldiers to the castle, Lady Allice?”




“Yes. If you arrange the event, they’ll surely attend. They’ll be moved by your angelic heart.”


His suggestion reminded me of Sister Dana. The people who praised Sister Dana as a saintess for distributing free food.


If I host the party… Maybe my reputation will be restored! The people would understand my sincere care for the Windsor territory!


“Alright. I’ll invite the border guards.” I playfully whispered with newfound excitement. “Let’s surprise the people with a party!”




Mark smiled deeply.


“It will be a party that everyone will remember.”


* * *

Dana’s POV

That night, I visited Rumie’s bedroom.


“Brother, I want to be clear about something.” I stopped talking immediately.


Had he just taken a shower? Under the pouring moonlight, Rumie sat on the bedside in a white gown, his sleek figure still damp. I hesitated for a moment but then firmly closed the door and entered.


“What were you thinking earlier?”


Rumie silently watched me approach.


“Were you really planning to duel?”




“What if someone died?”




“Either side.”


A duel ends with someone’s death, but he seems indifferent. But to me, whoever died would be a big problem.


“I’ve said it several times, but I need to resolve this without bloodshed,” I repeated what I had said many times. “Brother Viego told me to solve it peacefully, without violence. I intend to stick to that until I leave this territory.”




“Yes. Even if Mark is to be killed later, that’s a decision for Brother Viego to make, not me.”




Rumie smiled languidly as if he understood my words.


“That’s why I stabbed the pen in his hand, not his throat.”




I quietly observed his face, bathed in broken moonlight. He’s completely ignoring what I’m saying.


I was now certain. To Rumie, every moment was just a game, a simple amusement. Like a mischievous boy who builds and destroys sandcastles for fun, he enjoyed the situation regardless of whether my plan failed or succeeded.


“You are here as my escort. So just focus on that.”


“I am focusing on that.”


“Why can’t you ignore Mark Kuruz’s antics? Is it that hard to endure?”


“Yes.” Rumie ran his fingers through his damp hair. “I’m not good at patience. So, by the way.”


He gestured to the space beside him. “How long are you going to stand like that?”




“Come here.”


What? Where? To the bed?


I instinctively stepped back. “I don’t want to.”




“We can talk just fine from here. Why do I need to go there?”


“Because we can talk just fine from there.”


I was confused. What was that nonsensical response?


“Dana, do you know how cute your expression is right now?” Rumie chuckled, amused. “You look just like that day.”


“That day?”


“Do you remember the day we went boating on Lake Lemera?”




I remembered. It was about half a year ago.  A boating trip with Rumie, Allice, and Raios.


“Sister! Want to row? It’s tough but so much fun!”


“Allice, don’t make Dana do hard things.”


“That’s right. Dana has weak hands.”


After enjoying the boat ride, we sat on the grass, eating sandwiches at sunset. Such a beautiful memory…


“That day, your fiancé kissed Allice several times behind your back, and you knew nothing.”


I stared straight at Rumie. What did he say just now?


“During the boat ride and while eating sandwiches in the park, they held hands and kissed several times behind you.”




“You were so blissfully unaware.”




“It was so much fun back then.”


My face suddenly heated up. All the heat seemed to rise to my head.


Watching me, Rumie smirked insolently. “You’re just as cute as you were then.”


“…You b*stard.” Unable to hold back, I cursed.


But it wasn’t surprising. I knew this would happen. I hadn’t been fooled by his recent kind whispers and helpfulness.


As expected, he hates me.


I wondered why Rumie harbored resentment. I hadn’t done anything to earn his hatred. No, it’s fine. I’ve decided not to wonder anymore.


Rumie sighed and gestured toward the door. “Leave now, Dana. Before I act even worse.”


“Who’s here talking willingly?”


“Is there anything else to say?”


“Starting tomorrow, stay out of my sight.”




“If you’re going to interfere, better just leave. I don’t want your protection.”


Rumie’s red eyes settled calmly. Looking directly at them, I spoke firmly. “I really hate you. You’re dreadful.” With that, I turned away, feeling relieved.


Fortunately, I know about the holy relic. I’m lucky to know how to leave this world.  Knowing the way out of this world was like a shield for my heart.


Yes. I’ll go to a world without such people. So, they mean nothing to me.


Let’s finish everything quickly and return to my world, forgetting everything as if it were just a bad dream. 


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  1. Astarria says:

    So…. I take it Rumie has feelings for his sis-not-sis, been feeling that for a few chapters now. It’s kinda weird cuz she’s not his real sis in mind but in body that is still blood sis’s body she’s possessing. Also, that Alice is so stupid and self-centred I can’t with her. Even smh is not enough to express my frustration with her idiocy

    1. anon says:

      Does he? I’d say this chapter in particular shows it’s not the case.

      Out of all characters, I think Viego, who showed his hoatility openly and told Dana upfront she’s dumb for not going back, is the only one with at least some goodwill towards her, and even then it’s not conclusive yet

    2. ohkimch says:

      I think you’re right. It’s faux-cest, with Rumie being adopted & all, but yeah. Pretty sure the author is gonna go the “Rumie loved her all along & he’s acting awful for a Reason”. & i feel like the reason might be bc he wants her to hate him, so she has no lingering attachment to the Windsors. Smh. Dumb.

  2. Souzne says:

    WHEN THE chapter will unlock? Plzzzzz I can’t wait to see what will happen

    1. Alyalia says:

      Hi, one chapter will be unlocked every Tuesday and Friday around 6PM GMT+7

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