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“Lady Olivia of the Lier family.”

As the Duke narrowed his eyes to look at the young lady and then called her name as if remembering, her face lit up with joy.

“You remember me?”

The Lier family was one that had agreed to invest the most in the recent business expansion.

That’s why they had met once before, briefly.

But regardless of such business relations, Olivia acted familiarly towards him, as if she was touched that he recognized her.

“It seems Viscount Walden isn’t participating this time?”

“Unfortunately not.”

The Duke shrugged as he answered.

At his response, those from less prominent families who had been eyeing the Viscount expressed their disappointment, while considering the Duke as out of their league.

But for Olivia, Viscount Walden was just a conversation starter.

“Duke, who are you thinking of dancing the first dance with tonight?”

Usually, it’s the man’s role to ask for the first dance, but Olivia knew she would never receive an invitation for the first dance from him if she remained passive.

“Unfortunately, I plan to content myself with the joy of watching this time.”

At the Duke’s gentle refusal, the young ladies who had been eavesdropping nearby retreated in disappointment.

But Olivia couldn’t back down like this.

Isn’t there a saying that the brave win the beauty?

“Is it because there’s no one to your liking?”

It could have been an impolite question. The Duke furrowed his brow as he looked at the young-looking lady.

It wasn’t a virtuous question, but she felt she had to ask. The people around seemed more interested in the Duke’s answer than in her rudeness.

“How could that be? All the young men here are trying their best to catch even a glance from the young ladies.”

She wasn’t satisfied with the other young men.

Tall stature, a sleek and solid body that didn’t look cumbersome despite his height, an elegant face.

There would be an abundance of women who would want this man, regardless of his family.

“…I want to receive your gaze, Duke.”

“Oh my.”

The Duke clicked his tongue as if truly regretful. As he brushed past Olivia, who had come right up to him, he whispered in a low voice.

“Unfortunately, my preference is for rugged women.”

With those final words, the Duke took a glass of champagne from a passing servant and left.

Watching the Duke’s retreating back, Olivia clutched at her dress.

No one would believe those words at face value.

‘Surely he won’t marry Margaret Chesworth…!’

Until the business succeeded, the Count’s family established in the capital had the upper hand in business, so he must have been engaged to the inadequate Margaret among their daughters.

But now, isn’t the situation completely different?

Even if Margaret had excellent business skills, it was a useless ability for marriage.

People still looked at the Duke with regret, but no one dared to speak to him first.

Soon, the sound of the ballroom doors opening shifted everyone’s attention.

“Lady Elisha Chesworth of the Chesworth family has arrived!”

Seeing the entering young lady, the Duke’s face showed a troubled expression.

It seemed that Count Chesworth was supposed to come, but he had apparently sent a representative due to his recent poor health.

“Oh dear.”

But only a few people knew about this situation.

The Duke quietly clicked his tongue, seeing how others might misunderstand the situation.

Elisha Chesworth.

‘So it’s because of that woman.’

Olivia gripped her dress tightly. The comment about preferring rugged women was just an excuse for rejection.

Count Chesworth would want to keep the Duke, and the Chesworth family had two daughters.

If Margaret was inadequate, they could simply offer a much better child.

Click, click.

Elisha Chesworth approached the Duke directly.

Golden hair like melted honey, eyes the color of the sky. A white dress fitting her angelic appearance.

All eyes turned towards them.

Elisha, seemingly accustomed to the attention, stood before the Duke without sparing a glance at others.

Elisha placed one hand on her chest and lifted her dress with the other as she greeted him.

“Duke, it’s been a while. Have you been well?”

“…I didn’t expect you to come.”

At his unenthusiastic voice, Elisha smiled brightly.

“My father is unwell, so I came in his place.”

“I see.”

The young ladies’ faces showed resignation at the sight of the perfectly matched pair.

The two stood side by side near the wall.

“If he couldn’t come, it would have been enough to just send someone.”

The beautiful couple that others saw was actually having a dry conversation.

“It’s your first official appearance, so of course I had to come.”

The Duke didn’t take her words at face value. Elisha probably came because of the significance of his first official appearance and the importance of the first dance.

“Did Margaret put you up to this?”

She was someone who adored her sister dearly. Even when Margaret had once been cruel, Elisha always cared for her.

“Of course not. Don’t misunderstand. It really wasn’t my sister’s idea.”

“Even if you bristle like a cat, the engagement will still be called off.”

It had been dragged out for quite some time.

“If my sister doesn’t want to marry, I plan to support her for life.”

Margaret, who had started in business, showed her talent like a fish in water. Her business achievements were so outstanding that one wondered why she hadn’t been allowed to do business before.

“Then shouldn’t you welcome the cancellation of our engagement?”

“My sister might not know, but I do.”

“Know what?”

“My sister’s abilities are exceptional.”

“That’s right.”

“But even with exceptional abilities, opportunities aren’t given equally.”


“What if my sister misses her chance to marry, and then isn’t given any opportunities after that?”

The Duke had no intention of abandoning Margaret, but he understood what Elisha was worried about.

“Don’t worry about that.”


“Do you know why we started the tourism business?”

“Isn’t it to create jobs through tourism?”

Even though the Winternox family collected less taxes and provided more support, the harsh winter weather made it impossible for everyone to prosper.

“Yes. But the real goal is to accept people who want to settle here from other regions.”

“Because the population is decreasing, I see.”

The North was a closed-off place, so while outsiders rarely came in, there were quite a few people leaving.

“That’s right. The council of elders didn’t care much about how the people in the territory lived.”


“The North will change a lot.”

The Duke was predicting a storm. It was such a grand claim that it could be dismissed as empty words, but the one speaking was the Duke.

He was a man who could turn his visions into reality.


She was about to ask what this had to do with her sister. However, the Duke cut her off with a relaxed smile.

“And I’m not a fool who wastes valuable resources just because someone is a woman.”

Elisha felt relieved at the Duke’s firm attitude.

“That’s good to hear.”

The gazes around them were intense, as if people believed without a doubt that the two standing side by side would get married.

“I also hope there will be many students in the new academy we’re creating.”


“So that teachers living in the North don’t have to go far away.”

She seemed to have heard about plans to create a general academy, not just one focused on swordsmanship. Elisha looked puzzled at the sudden mention of this, not understanding, and the Duke grinned.

Then, instead of explaining, he spoke as if he had just remembered something he’d forgotten.

“Come to think of it, I had something to ask of you. This works out well.”

Elisha looked surprised, not expecting the Duke to have a favor to ask of her.


“Spread a rumor.”

“… A rumor?”

“Yes. A topic that will interest everyone here.”


I had a bad feeling about this. When Elisha asked with an apprehensive voice, the Duke made his bombshell announcement with a calm face.

“The rumor that the Duke is going to get married.”

“… You’re getting married?”

He said he was going to break off the engagement, but suddenly he’s talking about marriage. I wondered if he was planning to marry another woman right after breaking off his engagement.

Elisha asked in bewilderment, but an even more bewildering answer came back.



“And if someone asks you if I’m getting married.”

Elisha swallowed hard.

“I’ll forgive your earlier rudeness if you keep silent for a while.”

He was said to be a difficult man, but I didn’t expect him to immediately use me after my unexpected visit.

Elisha looked up at the man who seemed to have no weaknesses.

The Duke wasn’t breaking off his engagement because marrying Margaret was no longer beneficial.

‘The Duke has someone he likes. I found out too late.’

I recalled what Margaret had said recently. He’s a man anyone would desire.

“… Does the person you like know you’re this devious, Duke?”

“Not at all. In front of her, I’m a gentle lamb.”

The Duke smiled softly. Elisha froze at the Duke’s expression, which she had never seen before.

Suddenly, she wondered who could have made this extremely aristocratic man make such an un-aristocratic choice.



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