Altruistic Warrior

AW | Chapter 9.3 - End

As Kelian’s gaze touched the exposed skin, it felt like that area was heating up. In a panic, I hurriedly pulled down my nightgown.

“And then, what next?”

I instinctively urged him to continue. It was a bit embarrassing to cling to his collar like a child, but I felt I absolutely had to hear what he had to say.

“And then.”

He covered my hand with his large palm. His rough voice descended over my head.

“I’m aroused.”

His eyes, now openly filled with heat, shook me to my core. Kelian’s thumb gently stroked the inside of my wrist. Although it didn’t seem intentional, if he hadn’t lost his memory, I would have understood it as a clear signal.

I bit my lip and lowered my head. My gaze landed on the front of Kelian’s pants, where an unmistakably thick outline was visible. It was something I had once accidentally touched, thinking it was his arm.

“It seems like your body remembers…”

That was the only explanation I could think of. No matter how attractive I might be, it didn’t make sense for a Warrior who had lost his memory to get aroused in such a short time. It seemed more plausible that his body was reacting instinctively to past experiences.

For some reason, my words seemed to bother Kelian, and his eyes twitched slightly as he glanced at me.

“Does that mean we’ve spent many nights together?”

I nodded awkwardly, though it wasn’t something to be proud of. It felt like I was admitting to having been highly aroused myself. Especially in front of Kelian, who looked so pure today, dressed neatly and without any memory.


Kelian looked quite confused. I couldn’t read his shadowed expression clearly, but it felt like he was more bewildered than when he first lost his memory.

“Kelian, are you okay?”

Worried that it might be another symptom of the shock from the SSS-grade rare dungeon, I asked, but suddenly Kelian leaned in and rested his forehead on my shoulder.

” ……I feel a bit strange.”

“You feel strange? Kelian, do you want to drink a potion?”

I wondered if this strange feeling was a side effect. Though it was odd that the front of his pants was still taut, I took out a healing potion from my inventory just in case.


He shook his head slightly while still resting his forehead against me. His soft hair tickled my skin. A quiet voice called out to me.



“Do you think doing familiar things might help my memory return faster?”

Familiar things? Not immediately understanding, I hesitated, and he tickled my wrist again. This time, it was an unmistakable gesture.


Already on edge, my body heated up quickly. It seemed I was the one more deeply affected by seeing him. Unable to bear the sensation on my wrist, I spoke hastily.

“You mean… that?”

“If you allow it.”

I want to. Kelian said, almost sighing. His breath, thick with lust, seemed to infect me too.

Could his body really remember me? I had never thought that our countless intimate moments might help him regain his memory.

Though I was startled, I had no intention of refusing. I missed his body too, and more than anything, the thought that it might help his memory return made me eager.

Usually, in such heated situations, we would start kissing without any hesitation. However, for Kelian, who had lost his memory, this was our first intimate moment. Despite the obvious discomfort from his bulging pants, he waited patiently for my permission, a consistent trait even without his memory.


Gently removing his hand from my wrist, I pushed his chest lightly with the other hand. Misinterpreting it as rejection, Kelian stepped back with a calm expression, though his lower body was still taut.

Meeting his eyes, I nervously licked my lower lip and slowly lay back. The soft bed supported my head, back, and lower body. As he watched my every move, I bent my knees and slowly spread them apart. The nightgown covering my thighs also spread wide, revealing the hidden area inside.


The cool air touching my wetness made me twitch. Kelian, staring at the inside of my nightgown with a stiff expression, leaned down as if entranced. Soon, a hot tongue licked from bottom to top.


It felt like my mind was filled with ecstasy, as if I had been waiting for this moment. Initially, Kelian’s licks were awkward, but as he noticed my reactions, he began to move his tongue more actively. His tongue slipped inside me.


I squeezed tightly and moaned, his hot breath and deepening tongue intensifying the sensation.

“Kelian, there… ah…”

He responded by caressing my inner walls with his tongue. Trembling, I weakly grabbed his hair.


“Aine. Did you also do this to me in the past…?”

He suddenly asked while inserting and removing his tongue, making my entrance wet.

I nodded, my mind blank.

At the same time, the movements of his tongue grew more intense.

“Ah, aah!”

The speed was no different from when fingers or a penis were inserted and moved.

There were moments when I couldn’t even moan because he buried his face deep, as if he wanted to swallow all of me, and poked deeply with his tongue.

“Haa.. Wa-wait a moment?”

Thinking that I might release that unknown fluid again, I hurriedly stopped Kelian.

Even in front of him, who had lost his memory, I didn’t want to show such a disgraceful appearance.

“Is there a problem?”

Fortunately, the current Kelian didn’t know why I was acting this way, so he obediently removed his tongue and lifted his upper body.

Although his disappointment was evident as he couldn’t take his eyes off my lower part.

I whispered, legs spread apart.

“Now, put it in…”


His pectoral muscles swelled greatly and then subsided.

It seemed as if the veins around his neck were bulging with tension.

As our longing gazes intertwined, he suddenly took out a small bottle from his inventory and drank it in one smooth motion.

Seeing that, I laughed at an inappropriate moment.

Kelian looked at me curiously.

“Even drinking the contraceptive item first is the same as before?”

Even if he had lost his memory, it was natural that the person himself wouldn’t change.

Thinking so, I looked up at him, but for some reason, his eyes were slightly sunken.

He still looked excited, but didn’t seem to be in a very good mood.

As I hesitated, wondering if I had made a mistake, Kelian bent over towards me.

I expected him to say something, but the tip of his frighteningly erect penis suddenly poked at my entrance and began to push in with force.

“Ah… haah…”

It had been a long time since I accepted Kelian’s.

It might not have been long in terms of time, but perhaps because of the mental distress, the heavy foreign sensation of the penis spreading me inside felt dreamlike.


He pushed in endlessly until his testicles pressed against my perineum.

As the union was completed, Kelian let out a thick breath.

I wrapped my arms tightly around his neck.

“Are you okay?”

His voice, asking if I was in pain, was unusually gentle.

It felt just like the Kelian from before he lost his memory.

As soon as I felt that way, I tightened around him strongly.

I didn’t know if choosing deep contact to alleviate my anxiety was the right choice, but I didn’t care at the moment.

So I shook my head eagerly.

“No. It doesn’t hurt. It feels so good.”

The breath touching my ear became even thicker at my earnest words.

He slowly pulled his waist back, then pushed in deeply at a moderate pace.

There was such a loud noise, as if we were in sloshing water, due to the excessive flowing fluids.

“Mm… ah.”

Contrary to my expectation of quick movements, he observed my reactions closely, moving slowly back and forth.

The long and thick penis made a path as it moved in and out of the wet interior.

Sensitive flesh twitched and clung as it passed, and my restless hips moved slightly in response.

It wasn’t a conscious action.


His voice came out, sounding like he had lost his patience.

“Do you always beg this well?”

“Ah, ha, mm!”

“Did you do this with him too?”

Slap, squelch. The slow thrusts gradually became rougher.

The continuous insertions made the room echo with wet friction sounds.

I couldn’t understand what Kelian was saying, clinging to him helplessly.

He thrust hard and demanded an answer.

“Aine, did you do this with him too?”

“Ah! Ha, Kelian, ah!”

He suddenly bit my nipple over the thin fabric of the negligee.

My left breast felt burning hot in an instant.

“Ha, don’t, bite…!”

He bit down with his teeth, making the peak stand out sharply, even through the clothes.

Unable to withstand the forceful thrusts, my entire body kept getting pushed toward the head of the bed, so Kelian grabbed my hips and pulled me down swiftly.

“Aine, hurry and answer.”

Answer what? I was already clutching the bed sheet instead of Kelian’s neck, enduring the overwhelming pleasure.

He looked down at me with passionate eyes, seeing that I wasn’t listening to him at all.

“Really… so obscene.”

He didn’t press me for an answer anymore.

He just spread my already wide-open thighs even further and began thrusting in earnest.


“Ah! Ugh, huuh!”

A fierce slapping sound echoed from where we were joined below.

Every time his huge member entered my entrance, the inner flesh burned hot as if it were being seared.

“Too fast, ah, too fast, ah!”

Kelian let out a low moan as he sucked on my neck.

Slap, smack! The flesh seemed to be pounding into a hole, and I had to helplessly endure the intense sensation of racing towards climax while trapped in his veiny arms.

“Ah, aah…!”


After a while, he buried himself deeply and stopped, furrowing his brow.

It was the moment of climax.


The remnants of pleasure filled my insides.

My unfocused gaze aimlessly searched the air.

My chest, still unable to calm down, rose and fell heavily.



As we savored the afterglow, we called each other’s names simultaneously.

After a moment of silence, I let out a light laugh.

Kelian also smiled as he kissed my chin.

Though it wasn’t intentional, his smile was quite seductive in this situation.

“Do you remember anything?”

Kelian’s smile briefly faded.

But I didn’t think it was because of my question.

It was Kelian himself who said that doing familiar things might help his memory return faster.

As he looked at me with an inscrutable expression, he soon said…

“Not… not yet.”

Before I knew it, his again swollen member pulled out slightly and then thrust back in.

Even with the narrow movements, I could feel my sensitive vaginal walls trembling.

In the meantime, the act resumed very naturally.

“Ah! Ah…”

I couldn’t bring myself to stop the engrossed Kelian.

All night, until the dawn broke.

* * *

Now that Kelian no longer needed to suppress his desires after we started our relationship, he would come to my bed every night.

Sometimes, after a particularly intense session the previous day, I wanted to refuse out of exhaustion, but seeing him quietly pull back my blanket and kiss my cheeks and lips persistently would quickly break my resolve.

The Kelian who had lost his memory seemed similar but slightly different from before.

He often took me out alone to spend time together or became fixated on new experiences…

Once, when the past came up in conversation, he suddenly hugged me in front of our companions.

I was happy to discover new sides of Kelian, but sometimes he looked so anxious that it worried me.

Was he also feeling psychological pressure because his memories hadn’t returned?

Fortunately or unfortunately, the other companions didn’t seem too concerned about this.

“I did suggest it, but you really managed to bring the Kelian who lost his memory over… you’re quite something.”

Dain’s tone was generally like that, but this time I couldn’t tell if he was being sarcastic or genuinely impressed.

He looked back and forth between Kelian and me with slightly exasperated eyes.

“I knew this would happen!”

On the other hand, Jenin was very pleased, thinking her plan had worked. She was only grateful as it allowed her to spend time alone with Kelian.

“So, is everything alright now?”

Barkrud, who had been watching carefully, asked cautiously. He still thought it was his fault that Kelian had lost his memory. Even though it wasn’t his fault, his face, which had not shed its gloomy expression, finally brightened.

“No problem.”

Kelian, who was feeding me soup, said decisively. I had said I could eat on my own, but he insisted, leading to this situation. I thought while feeling embarrassed as I accepted the food.

Is it really alright?

Although Kelian’s memory hadn’t returned, I could tell from his caring actions and affectionate gaze that he had started to like me again. If things continued like this, our relationship might return to how it was before.

It was an overly generous result for me, who was prepared to leave the party, but it also made me a little sad that he didn’t remember the memories we had built. I was truly insatiable.

After finishing dinner, we each returned to our rooms. We decided to leave the village tomorrow, so we went to bed early. After washing up, I lay on the bed with wet hair, reading Kelian’s book to dry my hair. “How to Kill Lust” – it was surprisingly true to its title, which was a twist.

He came out of the bathroom, saw me, and asked.

“Is the book interesting?”

He asked the same question I had asked him not long ago and sat next to me.

“It’s neither interesting nor helpful.”

Kelian chuckled at my playful response. In fact, despite what I said, I wanted to rest because we had been very intimate just this morning. I was just reading this book for fun. But still…



The man sitting next to me had different thoughts as his big hand slipped under my negligee and kneaded my buttocks. The soft flesh was continuously squished and flattened under his palm.


Since confirming that this was something the old Kelian rarely did, he kept trying to touch my buttocks at any time. Despite his indifferent expression, which seemed like he had no regrets about anything, he often acted like a bad street thug. I felt my cheeks heat up slightly as I tried to stop him.

“We’re leaving early tomorrow, so tonight…”

“Don’t worry. I’m just giving you a massage.”

Even though we hadn’t been to a dungeon today, and the only strenuous thing I did was sleep with Kelian, I didn’t stop him because he said it was a massage.

He pulled up my negligee and gently massaged the bare skin. At first, his touch really felt like a massage, so I soon pushed the book aside, rested my head on the pillow, and closed my eyes drowsily.


But then his hands, which were gathering the flesh of both my buttocks from below, started to bother me. As he applied more pressure, my buttocks spread apart, revealing the hidden spot between them.


“Yes, Aine.”

His quick response left me momentarily speechless. Was I the only one feeling weird? If he was purely giving me a massage, and I was the only one embarrassed…

While I was confused, his thumbs forcefully spread the parted gap. This time, it was an unmistakable, very blatant touch.

“Aine, if my memory returns… will you forget me?”

His fingers, pretending to massage, naturally slid and brushed against my entrance, slightly wet with arousal.


“Answer me.”

Answer what…? I listened blankly, utterly disheveled under Kelian’s “massage.”

“Will you forget me and only look at him?”

“Ah… ah!”

Eventually, his fingers found my clitoris. As pleasure spread rapidly, my lower body jerked up, and Kelian brought his face down to bite my buttocks. Ah!

“Aine, hurry…”

Unable to bear it any longer, I abruptly got up from my seat. The negligee, lifted by Kelian, slid down smoothly. Unlike me, who was panting and turned around, Kelian looked at me gently as if he hadn’t done anything. My clitoris, tormented, was still twitching.



“Who exactly is ‘that person’?”

It was a phrase I had heard many times from him since he lost his memory. Previously, I had been too busy adapting to the situation to think deeply about it, but now I felt the need to confirm. Who is ‘that person’? Did I unknowingly have another lover?

Kelian furrowed his brow slightly, as if he didn’t even want to think about it, and avoided my gaze.

“It’s my past self.”


Thinking about his statements in light of knowing the identity of ‘that person’ made my mind feel distant and hazy.

Kelian in the past and Kelian now are both the same person, so why does he speak as if he’s a different person? Of course, sometimes I felt he was a bit different from before when he got anxious, but despite that, he was still the Kelian I loved.

“But both are you.”

I gently stroked his broad shoulders, which looked somewhat sad. Losing his memory seemed to have caused him a lot of internal turmoil, and it made me feel bad.


He laughed self-deprecatingly.

“If it weren’t for you, that might have been the case.”


“But you are here, and I am constantly jealous of that person, denying that we are the same person. I don’t want to share your affection.”

His words, like a soliloquy, were tinged with a bitterness he couldn’t hide. It would be a lie to say I completely understood and empathized with those feelings. But… I genuinely wanted to comfort him, so I opened my arms and hugged his large body. Soon, Kelian quietly rested his forehead on my shoulder.

“I’m sorry, I should have paid more attention knowing it must have been confusing for you.”

“… That’s not what I meant, Aine. It’s not your fault.”

It is my fault. It was my fault from the beginning that Kelian lost his memory. Knowing he would deny it, I swallowed the rest of my words. Seeing him finally confess after holding back, despite his mental instability, made me feel very sympathetic.

“In fact, today, I remembered something that hadn’t come up before.”

Startled, I moved away, and Kelian looked at me with an inscrutable expression.

“What memory?”

“We were sitting together in a garden full of blooming flowers.”

A garden full of flowers? He seemed to be referring to when we stayed in another village about a year ago. My heart pounded with anticipation.

“And, and then?”

“That’s it.”

Though it was disappointing that that was all, it was still very encouraging that he had remembered something. Lost in thought, I noticed Kelian’s even more shadowed face and quickly managed my expression.


I pondered for a moment on what to say to uplift the despondent Kelian. Recovering his memory was a joyous event, but even if it didn’t return, he was still the Kelian I loved, objectively speaking. He seemed too anxious right now… If he was that worried.

“Even if your memory returns, I won’t forget you.”

Maybe this was what he was waiting to hear. Fortunately, it seemed to be the right consolation, as Kelian’s somber face brightened slightly.

“I’ll trust you.”

He interlaced his fingers with mine. Sensing his desperation, I embraced him again.


As our faces drew closer, our lips naturally met. The hot flesh that slipped in, entwining with my tongue, made me feel breathless. I had planned to stop for today, but I didn’t push him away because a kiss seemed fine. Also, I couldn’t bring myself to refuse the melancholic Kelian any further.

“Ah, mmh.”

The wet sound of our lips meeting echoed loudly. His tongue, persistently exploring every corner of my mouth, made my breathing irregular, and my lower back tingled with anticipation.

Without breaking the kiss, he laid me down. The hand that had tormented my buttocks under the pretense of a massage came up to squeeze my breast in a round motion. When he pressed the tip with his fingers, my waist jerked up.


I thought I couldn’t get any weaker for Kelian, but to my surprise, his desperate voice made my heart ache. He roughly lifted my negligee and buried his head in it. His soft lips swallowed my nipple in one go.


Kelian kept sucking hard on my stiffened peak. It was such an exhilarating sight that I wriggled my legs. Deep inside, I was already reacting.

We shouldn’t go any further… I tried to maintain my composure, even as my whole body twitched at the wet sounds coming from my chest. Fortunately, Kelian only sucked on my tongue or chest and didn’t go beyond that.

And that night, we fell asleep holding each other.

The next day, I woke up early in the morning and busily prepared to leave.

In the remaining time, I read a book to stave off boredom, but this time it wasn’t “How to Kill Lust” but a relatively ordinary book. It was lent to me by the innkeeper, with whom I had become somewhat acquainted.

By the time I had read about 100 pages beside the sleeping Kelian, the sound of birds chirping through the open window reached my ears. The sunlight had also widely invaded the room by then.

He must have been really tired yesterday. It was quite rare for Kelian not to wake up yet, so I wanted to let him sleep as long as possible, but as our departure time was approaching, I had no choice but to shake his shoulder.

“Kelian, it’s time to get up.”


Fortunately, he easily opened his eyes and drowsily called my name in front of him. Even when groggy with sleep, he was still unbearably beautiful, but now I was somewhat immune to his looks… a little.

“I’ve prepared everything, so you can wash up right away…”


But suddenly, he frowned and clutched his forehead. My heart sank at the sight.

“Why, what’s wrong? Does your head hurt?”

He covered his forehead and eyes with his hand for a long time. Feeling anxious, I was about to run out and call for Sayiris when he grabbed my hand, pulling me back toward him.


“Yes, Kelian. Are you okay? Should I go get the others right away…?”

“I remembered.”


His hand slid down, revealing serious teal eyes.

“I remembered everything.”

And those eyes held a clear fury.


“He remembered?”

The party, who had heard the news shortly after we departed, came to a sudden stop. Only Sayiris stopped belatedly and looked back at us indifferently.

“Does that mean he remembers Aine now? And everything that happened?”


“That’s great! Now we really don’t have to worry about anything.”

Jenin’s cheerful expression gradually turned awkward as she faced the distinctly gloomy Kelian. She tilted her head in confusion.

“Why… is there a problem?”

Then Kelian swept his gaze coldly over his comrades. Having already been through a lot, I bowed my head, trying to avoid his gaze.


Dain and Barkrud also called him, puzzled. As we stood still in the middle of the forest path, small animals glanced at us and quickly disappeared.

“I’m disappointed in you.”

At his sudden reproach, everyone blinked slowly. Despite their reactions, Kelian began to express how deeply disappointed and betrayed he felt.

“While I lost my memory, you paired Aine with that guy.”

In his low, cold voice, Dain hurriedly raised a hand to interrupt.

“Wait, wait! Who is ‘that guy’?”

It was a question I had asked out loud before, so I could answer it for him.

“…The Kelian who lost his memory.”


Although the comrades’ faces were filled with disbelief, Kelian remained resolute.

“No matter what tricks that guy pulled, you shouldn’t have let it happen.”

Kelian spoke as if he had completely separated his personality before and after losing his memory. One side was “that guy,” and the other side was “that guy.” Their treatment of each other was extremely stiff and hostile.


Jenin, still not understanding, tilted her head. She was so bewildered that her head showed no sign of returning to its normal position.

“Hey… that guy is you, and you are that guy?”

Dain seemed to try to resolve the situation rationally, but the other party still looked very hurt.

As soon as he announced that he had regained his memory, Kelian showed cold anger towards “that guy” and expressed considerable disappointment towards me as well. He asked if I had enjoyed doing things with that guy that he himself hadn’t done. So, I, more flustered than when facing last night’s Kelian, had to make various lengthy excuses. That was just a few hours ago.


Jenin made a puzzled sound again, as if representing everyone’s feelings.


We moved to the capital, Rilka, to inform the information guild of our first clear of the SSS-grade dungeon and to receive news of another dungeon.

Unlike the northern region, where the weather was unpredictable, Rilka was sunny and bustling wherever we went. It was not surprising that the attention our party attracted was more blatant here, as this was Kelian’s hometown.

Dain had gone to the magic tower in the capital, while Jenin and Barkrud bet each other and went to a dungeon. Sayiris had gone to buy something to decorate her staff. Everyone was busy with their tasks in the capital after a long time.

And I… was trapped in an inn room in broad daylight, with my buttocks raised.


With my dress rolled up to my waist, I leaned my upper body on the table, trembling as Kelian’s hands kneaded my buttocks.

“I didn’t know Aine liked this place so much.”

“I don’t like it that much… Ah!”

As if telling me not to lie, his hand slid down to my already wet entrance, his fingers rubbing the heated spot.


The more I moaned, the bolder Kelian’s fingers became. His particularly long middle finger slid into my entrance, wet with arousal, swirling widely inside.


“Should I bite you?”

The finger that was tormenting me inside suddenly bit one of my buttocks. Though it didn’t hurt much, the sharp sensation and the faster thrusting of his finger made me cry out loudly.

“Ah! Hah, ah!”

“You should have told me earlier, Aine.”

The hand that had been touching my buttocks moved up and grasped one of my breasts through the dress, squeezing it.

“I’m upset you told that guy first…”

Again, ‘that guy’ was Kelian himself. And I was still not used to this way of speaking.


The hand that had been touching me over my clothes slipped directly into my dress, pinching my nipple. A sharp sensation spread from the twisted peak under his fingers.

Meanwhile, the wet sounds below grew more intense. Realizing this, Kelian leaned close behind me, whispering in a low voice.

“You’re this wet…”

I couldn’t deny the fact that his biting and the movement between my legs had made me even wetter. Kelian, looking down at me as I bit my lip to hold back the pleasure, finally withdrew his fingers and placed his hot tip below.


Without hesitation, he thrust in all at once. Fully prepared and drenched, it didn’t hurt, but the sensation of my lower abdomen filling rapidly made my vision blur for a moment. Kelian, pressing his waist tightly against my back, exhaled deeply and began moving quickly inside me.

“Ah! Too, too fast, huh, ah!”

Every time he thrust into me, it felt like my buttocks were slapping together, creating a sound of friction. His movements were intentionally more intense than usual.

“At this rate, it’s hard to touch you properly.”

He muttered, then suddenly stopped and pulled out his length.


The sensation of his impossibly long and thick member scraping my inner walls left me gaping. But without giving me any rest, he turned me around and hugged me in a face-to-face position. My dress slipped down awkwardly, and he grabbed my buttocks with both hands and thrust back inside.


He pushed in from below, penetrating deeply. His length went so deep that it scared me.

“Kel…lian, ah, this position, ah!”

“I need to do this to touch you properly.”

With his member still inside, he spread my buttocks wide with both hands. The already deep penetration felt even deeper, and I threw my head back, trembling. As saliva dribbled from my open mouth, Kelian licked up my tears and saliva.

“Ah! Too, too much, huh, ah!”

He lifted me up and down with enough force to make my lower abdomen quiver. It was so deep it was terrifying, but the pleasure was equally intense, causing my fluids to drip onto the floor. I felt another strange sensation building. I cried out, weakly hitting Kelian’s back.

“Ah! No, I… I can’t… no, ah!”

“It’s okay, ugh, Aine, like this.”

If he had lost his memory, he would have backed off easily, but the current Kelian, who knew why I was like this, was determined to see it through. He thrust harder.


At that moment, he hit a sensitive spot inside me, and I couldn’t hold back anymore, releasing a stream of liquid. The clear fluid splashed onto Kelian’s member, his hard lower abdomen, and even his thigh muscles.

“Haa, ha…”

Kelian watched my reaction with bloodshot eyes, breathing heavily. He then pressed me against the wall and urgently resumed thrusting.

“No, ah! It’s, too… much… ah!”

My overly sensitive inner walls clung to his member, feeling like they were nibbling at him. His breathing grew heavier as he thrust hard and fast, creating loud, aggressive sounds.

My mind went blank as he gripped my buttocks tightly, completely absorbed. Suddenly, he buried his length deeply and stopped moving.

“Ugh, huh…”

Hanging in the air with my legs spread, I received his warm release inside. The sensation of his thick member and the volume of his release made my lower abdomen feel heavy. As I struggled to regain my senses, Kelian’s feather-light kisses landed on my cheeks repeatedly.

“Ah. It’s… dripping…”

Having not removed our clothes upon entering the inn, I worried that Kelian’s clothes might get wet from my fluids. But a quick glance down showed it was already too late. Kelian, however, didn’t seem to care at all and even pressed his chest closer to mine.


He kissed my cheek, jaw, and neck like a puppy showing affection. Maybe he was finally calming down. Resting my head on his shoulder, I heard his low voice close by.

“When I lost my memory… I thought about taking you away, Aine.”

“…From whom?”

“From my current self.”

Kelian’s eyes, which had seemed calmer after his long release, sparked again. It wasn’t a hot rage but rather a cold, lingering anger.


He withdrew his length, and my body shivered as his cum dripped between my buttocks. He always released an excessive amount.

“I know it’s childish.”


“But I can’t help but feel jealous.”

In my slightly dazed state, I pondered Kelian’s words. Even when he had lost his memory, he was always unstable, and now, even after regaining it, he was still full of insecurities. I gently reached out and stroked the back of his head. His blonde hair felt soft in my hand. As I whispered, “It’s okay,” he kissed my neck gratefully.

“It’s better now.”

“That’s a relief.”

“Because I’m the only one who has seen this side of you, Aine.”

Kelian, who had set me on the table, smiled as he touched his wet clothes. It was the fluid I had released at my climax. While it was good that he was feeling better and more stable, I couldn’t find words to respond for a while.

After that, everything seemed to return to normal… except that Kelian became more fixated on seeing “that fluid” from me. But then, another incident occurred when Dain inadvertently revealed that I had planned to leave. Kelian was obviously upset, and Jenin hugged me, asking where I was going without her, making me apologize repeatedly.

Just when things had finally settled down, Sayiris quietly approached me while I was alone and said something unexpected with a blank expression.

“It’s a shame. If Kelian hadn’t regained his memory, I was planning to travel with you alone.”

Watching her nonchalantly walk away, I belatedly let out a foolish sound.


Sayiris didn’t look back.

_Epilogue of “The Altruistic Warrior” Side story 3.Kelian Who Lost His Memory – End._


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