The Ex-Wife of the Educated Youth is Reborn

The Ex-Wife of the Educated Youth is Reborn

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Li Xia was reborn. At that time, she was taking her two children to the city to find her husband, but her husband was determined to divorce her. This time she stopped pestering him and calmly accepted the proposal.

“The son is yours and I will have the daughter. I can’t raise two by myself.”

In her previous life, she worked hard to raise two children, while the man didn’t even care about them for a day. When they grew up, the father and son recognized each other in college. Since the blood relationship cannot be broken, you should raise him since childhood, and don’t tire her to death. The man thought about it for a long time and agreed to her request.

The two divorced peacefully, she took her daughter and he took his son. She wanted to stay in the city to make money but had no place to stay. After coming out of his alley, she hugged her daughter and curled up in the corner. An old lady came out from inside and looked at her for a long time before speaking.

“Do you want to stay in the city?” She stood up and nodded. The Old lady continued, “My son had an accident and became a vegetative. I am also ill and will soon die. If you are willing to marry my son and take care of him until he survives or dies, then my house and money will belong to you. I will help you and your daughter get a city household registration.”

What she paid was a short time dedication, while what she got was a city household registration and a house for both herself and her daughter. This deal is not a loss. She thought about it and nodded.

They got married immediately. On the wedding night, she let her daughter play by herself, and she fetched water to wipe the man’s body. Looking at his handsome face, she couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. He was good-looking and a backbone of the procuratorate, but he became like this now. Seeing her Scrubbing him, turning him over, feeding him using nasogastric pipes and how carefully she took care of him, the old lady closed her eyes with peace of mind after a month.

After the old lady passed away, she looked at the balance on the passbook and planned to start a small business – selling breakfast. That day, she wiped the man’s face and muttered about the troubles she had encountered. His eyelids moved and he opened his eyes.

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