It’s A Misunderstanding That I’m Dating The Villain

It’s A Misunderstanding That I’m Dating The Villain

흑막과 사귄다니 오해인데요
Native LanguageKorean

In the 24th year of my reincarnation, I was living as a captain of the knights without a line dedicated to me in the original work.

I was just content with this peaceful life…

While conducting an undercover investigation, I unexpectedly ran into the villain of the novel at the scene of the crime.

“Sir Clara, you have been looking for an opportunity, haven’t you? Quite the intelligent move.”

“No, I really have no intention of revealing the identity of the Duke. I swear to the God of Heaven!”

“Haa, should I believe what I witness or should I believe a meaningless oath?”

In the end, the villain started to follow me around to monitor me…

“Okay, you can take it. I bought it for you.”

“Is there any reason for me to accept this…?”

“I thought it would look good on you because it is a flower that matches the color of your hair. Looking at it like this, I think it suits you well.”

“I don’t think you should pay for my meal….”

“As I said earlier, I want to keep interacting with the Captain .”

“… Isn’t it supposed to be surveillance rather than interaction?”

“Well, you can call it that too.”

Then… Before long… everyone… started to misunderstand that the villain liked me and was chasing me.

“I really didn’t mean to mention this. But are you aware of the inappropriate rumors circulating about us…”

“What about those inappropriate rumors?”

“… Rumor has it that we are in a relationship.”

“It’s just fine.”


“I think it’s time we turn that rumor into fact.”


What changed him?

“Let’s do this. I’m aware that you like me. Sounds like a good suggestion for me as well.”

How… From where… What… How did… such an absurd misunderstanding came to be?

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