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After the cherry blossom festival passed, the next major event for the nobility of the capital was the “Spring Festival” held at the palace. It’s said that the name “festival” originated from the tradition of sowing seeds around this time, wishing for a bountiful harvest in the coming year. While it’s uncertain if there are proper “Spring Festivals” held among the common folk, at least in the palace, the tradition continued with its significance somewhat altered.

For me, this palace banquet held another meaning. It marked the first time I would attend as Ares’s partner officially!

I couldn’t believe such a day had come for me! It felt like a dream!

Externally, I maintained a calm and dignified demeanor, but inside, I was ecstatic. There were so many things to think about and prepare for – what dress would complement Ares well, what hair ornament would make me as beautiful as Ares’s golden locks, and so on.

With my heart fluttering, I absentmindedly opened the desk drawer, only to realize that the jewelry I would wear to the banquet was already decided. The earrings and hairpin Ares had given me on the day of his first confession were neatly nestled in the drawer.

I carefully retrieved the box again and opened it. Inside were still the earrings adorned with obsidian and amethyst, and the hairpin adorned with pearls.

Perhaps Ares would also wear the jewelry I had given him to the banquet. It was the cufflinks adorned with imperial topaz on obsidian and the matching tie pin.

In that case, coordinating with Ares’s dress code wouldn’t be so difficult. I just needed to choose a dress and shoes to match this jewelry.

I hoped he and I would be on the same page.

Lately, I hadn’t been frequenting Metis’s salon much. While I had given Metis fair warning, I didn’t particularly relish the idea of bumping into Leia there. So, my social activities mainly revolved around tea parties hosted by the nobles.

Today, there was a tea party hosted by a viscount whom I had a fairly good rapport with, so I got ready and headed out. Since it was a gathering where locals congregated, the likelihood of encountering Lea was low. Thus, I anticipated being able to enjoy myself with a bit more ease.

Upon my arrival, I was warmly greeted by the host viscount and the other nobles who had arrived earlier.

“Oh my, Lady Uranos! You seem even more beautiful these days?”

“They say there’s nothing more beautiful than a woman in love, hehe.”

Being a couple that garnered considerable attention in social circles, the interest from people was quite remarkable.

I graciously smiled and replied, “Thank you, everyone. Hearing compliments about my appearance certainly lifts my spirits, doesn’t it? Hehe.”

The servants of the viscount skillfully served tea to the nobles. I took a sip and found it quite exquisite. It was evident that they were properly trained.

Soon, the table became filled with lively conversations sparked by the nobles. When someone brought up the topic of the palace banquet, everyone chimed in with their opinions.

“It seems Princess Ariel will be leading this event, right?”

“Well, now that Her Highness is nineteen, she’s no longer a newcomer to society. It seems like a suitable time for her to take initiative in her own name.”

“But for a first-time host, it felt quite sophisticated, didn’t it? Even the design of the invitation…”

“It seems everyone shares the same sentiment! I, too…”

I was quietly listening to the conversation, but something seemed off.

I couldn’t interject into their conversation at all because I didn’t know anything about it. So how did they know that Princess Ariel was hosting the palace banquet this time, and how did they know about the design of the invitation?

When the conversation momentarily paused, I cautiously asked with a perplexed expression, “Um… I haven’t heard anything about this. How do you all know?”

As I brought this up, the room suddenly fell silent, with everyone looking at me incredulously.

One noble, with wide eyes and a surprised tone, asked me, “Oh my, has Marquis Uranos not received an invitation to the palace banquet yet?”

“…An invitation?”

I was completely taken aback. While there was still about a week until the banquet, I hadn’t received any invitation from the palace.

Huh. It finally dawned on me.

Princess Ariel had sent invitations to every noble family except ours!

Did Princess Ariel have some kind of grudge against our family to do this? Or was there some ill feeling towards me personally?

But I had barely interacted with Princess Ariel, let alone formed any kind of relationship that could lead to resentment or animosity.

Amidst the confusion in my mind, I recalled something Metis had warned me about. The fact that Leia was close friends with Princess Ariel.

So, does this mean Princess Ariel, overcome with jealousy at the thought of Leia taking Ares away from her, has committed this indiscretion against me and our family?

But Leia did congratulate me on Ares and her being together, and she didn’t seem cunning enough to smile at me while scheming behind my back. Perhaps Leia simply expressed her disappointment to Princess Ariel, and Princess Ariel, in her own way, decided to retaliate against me.

Sigh, I’ve heard that Princess Ariel is lively and curious, but if she’s as intrusive as Leia and sticking her nose into others’ business, then I’m in quite a predicament.

What did I do to deserve this mental fatigue because of these two women!

As my expression darkened, the nobles around me sympathized and tried to console me with various words.

“It’s probably just a mistake since it’s Princess Ariel’s first time hosting a banquet.”

“Even Princess Ariel is human and can make mistakes. She’ll probably realize her error soon and send an invitation.”

I replied to them with a forced smile, trying to remain composed.

“I’m not sure how to thank you all for comforting me so warmly. As you say, if I wait a little longer, I might receive the invitation.”

But deep down, I could sense it. Princess Ariel would ultimately not send me an invitation.

Even if she’s just 19 years old, she’s still the princess of this empire. There’s no way she would make a mistake like forgetting to send out invitations, considering she has been trained in various court etiquette since she was young. Moreover, I am a prominent figure in this social circle, one that cannot be overlooked. To think she would forget to send me an invitation? Ridiculous. Even passing dogs would laugh at that.

In reality, even without an invitation, I can attend the banquet just fine as Ares’s partner. If the princess knew that Ares and I are in a relationship, she would have factored that into her calculations. So, her intention wasn’t to prevent me from attending the palace banquet altogether.

… It was really a childish prank. However, as a declaration of intent for a future confrontation, it was quite effective. Her intentions were conveyed to me loud and clear


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