I Became The Male Leads’ Target

IBMLT | Episode 73



Dante, giving me a mischievous smile, asked me in a subtle tone.

“Is there anything you want?”

“Something I want?”

“Yeah. Not that I’m trying to make amends for this with a gift, but…”

No, it’s obvious that he’s trying to make amends.

Instead of giving him a hard time, I quietly listened to what Dante had to say.

“I’m the one hosting the auction. I can get you anything you want.”

With that, Dante shrugged his shoulders.

“As long as it’s something up for auction, of course.”


For a moment, I clenched my fists tightly.

I wanted to ask for the ‘Heart of Winter’ right away, but…


I suppressed the urge with difficulty.

I had to keep the fact that I was looking for the ‘Heart of Winter’ from Dante at all costs.

After all, Dante probably already knew that the item was a treasure of the Duke of Kalleid.

‘Why would you want a family heirloom of Kalleid?’

… He would undoubtedly ask me with that sly smile, scrutinizing every detail.

Since Dante had always been sensitive about both Lucian and Benedict, it was better to avoid giving him any leads.

‘Moreover, there’s no way I could give Lucian a gift from Dante.’

He would definitely ask about its whereabouts.


“I don’t particularly want anything. Instead…”

I whispered, moving closer into Dante’s embrace.

“I would like the Marquis to stay by my side for the entire day.”


A glint of surprise flickered in his crimson eyes.

Dante chuckled lowly, his voice rumbling.



“Well, I’m glad.”

At the same time, his hot arms enveloped my body, leaving no gaps.

His lips claimed mine without hesitation.

His tongue, exploring the inside of my mouth, tasted not of his usual cigarettes, but of sweet fruit candy.

As I surrendered to the searing pleasure that heated my entire body, I thought:

Someday, I will part ways with this man forever.

I hoped that the small warmth I could share would bring some comfort to his lonely soul.

Even though, after meeting the heroine of the original story, he would never fully possess her.

‘Still… I hope she can ease your loneliness, even just a little.’

…I dared to hope.

* * *


When his day-long leave ended, Dante left the boarding school with a freshly polished face.

“Have a safe trip back.”

I saw him off with a pale face.

Really, is this what it feels like to have your energy completely drained by an incubus?

It was no wonder, considering that while Dante was at the boarding school, I had been confined to the bedroom all day.

Dante didn’t allow me to even set foot on the floor.

The only place I was permitted was the bed.

Not only did he serve me meals and join me in bed, but he even insisted on being there when I bathed…

[I’ll wash myself.]

At first, I was embarrassed and tried to refuse,

[I want to wash you myself.]

But Dante was immovable.

Even after the number of times we had been intimate surpassed the fingers on one hand, leaving me completely exhausted, I eventually let him handle everything.

‘…Why is that man so full of energy?’

I glanced at Dante with displeasure.

His face, smooth and fresh like a polished egg, contrasted sharply with my drained state.

“Ha, I don’t want to go…”

Meanwhile, Dante, who was just about to get into the carriage, lamented.

‘Hurry up and leave…’

I inwardly recoiled.

If Dante stayed one more day, I’d surely be bedridden for a week.

Dante, looking at me with regretful eyes, suddenly spoke up.

“Are you a bit sad that Countess Martin has left?”

Why bring up Brigitte out of the blue?

I was a little puzzled but nodded obediently.

“Yes, honestly, it is a bit sad.”

I could have easily replied with something like, ‘No, as long as I have you, Marquis,’ but I figured it was okay to express this much.

Dante knew I had a decent rapport with Brigitte.

‘And I’ll be dealing with Brigitte in the future.’

It would be wise to start laying the groundwork now.

Dante, hearing my response, gave me a gentle smile.

“In that case, I’ll have to visit more often.”


He bent down and kissed my cheek, continuing tenderly.

“To somehow fill the void left by the Countess. Oh, I guess she’s not the Countess anymore, but the Dowager Countess?”


For a moment, I felt my words get stuck in my throat.

Whenever this man suddenly showed me kindness.

Whenever I genuinely felt his consideration for me…

It made my heart ache.

“Marquis, you really need to go now!”

Liam, who had hurried over since morning, urged Dante with a distressed expression.

Clicking his tongue in dissatisfaction, Dante whispered softly to me.

“I’ll come again. Got it?”

I reflexively responded with a bright smile.

“Yes, I’ll be waiting.”


With a final grin, Dante got into the carriage.

“See you next time, Lady Elze.”

Liam bowed politely to me before following him.

So, as I waited for the carriage to completely disappear from my sight, I organized my thoughts on what I needed to do.

‘I have to get the Heart of Winter somehow.’

To do that, entering the auction house was the first step.

But since it was an auction house that strictly selected and verified the identities of a small number of high-ranking individuals, entering alone was impossible.

‘In that case…’

I twisted my lips into a smile.

‘I’ll have to meet with Benedict soon.’

* * *

I went out for the first time in a while.

My destination was the famous Bringen Park, known for its beauty even among the capital’s attractions.

In early summer, the park was lush with deep green foliage.

The leaves, soaked in sunlight, sparkled brilliantly.

‘How peaceful.’

Sitting on a bench, I gazed at the park’s scenery.

Families, out for a walk, had children laughing and running around the park.

Couples exchanged affectionate glances, their eyes full of love.

[I want to stroll through the capital’s parks with you, my lady.]

Lucian’s voice suddenly echoed in my ears.

[My parents once told me that the roses in Bringen Park are incredibly beautiful.]

His blue eyes, reminiscing about a distant and beautiful memory.

[Once we leave this place, there will be no more shackles, no more prying eyes…]

A voice, dreamy and wistful.

[So, I just want to walk. Freely.]

Even that innocent smile he had directed at me.


My chest felt heavy, as if weighed down by a stone.

I let out a short sigh without realizing it.

Just then.

Someone approached with confident steps and sat on the bench behind me.

At the same time, a sudden question came from behind.

“Do you still like cherry pie?”

It was Benedict.

Judging by the altered voice, he must have used a magic device.

I answered softly.

“Of course.”

We sat back to back, separated by the bench, conversing.

“You said you had a favor to ask?”

“Yes, do you know about the auction Marquis Offenheir is hosting?”

I was worried he might draw a line, not wanting to get involved in the underworld auction, but…

“Of course.”

Benedict answered surprisingly readily.

“I heard many rare items will be up for sale this time. Especially some collectibles from Baron Albertton.”

“You knew?”

“Naturally. That auction is quite popular among the Empire’s high society.”

Benedict added lightly.

“However, I’ve never attended because I’m not particularly interested in luxury items.”


I clenched my fist in determination and continued as calmly as possible.

“Does that mean… you could attend the auction anytime?”

“Exactly as you understood. It wouldn’t be difficult to attend.”

“Isn’t that auction accessible only to those with invitations?”

“I already received an invitation.”

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