The wicked woman will divorce twice

The wicked woman will divorce twice

악녀는 두 번 이혼하겠습니다


I became possessed by the sweet potato novel I was reading and cursing.
As the villainess Diavella, who carried out a disastrous course of action and was poisoned to death!

Since I’m possessed, I tried to live as a noble lady, but the husband, tired of the villainess’s misdeeds, immediately asks for a divorce.

However, the alimony received from the divorce is
40 million marks… 4 billion?

The amount of money was too much to refuse.


“… Do we know each other?”
“It’s the first time we’ve met, but anyone who sees you will immediately recognize you.”

As she plans for a happy future, Vernus, known as the second most handsome man in the empire, starts flirting with her, and even her ex-husband comes back to be clingy…?

The life of a beautiful woman who has everything is always joyful! The best!

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