The Pirates Beloved Princess

The Pirates Beloved Princess

해적들의 사랑받는 공주님
Native LanguageKorean

“I knew it, you were alive. I knew you were still alive.”

For ten years, I lived thinking I had been abandoned by my family. By the time I realized it was a misunderstanding, it was already too late.

“It has been revealed that you were a member of the Caelum pirate crew! Surrender with your hands up!”

My father, Nereus, the captain of the Caelum, was captured by the navy and died before my eyes. Somehow, the navy I had loyally served until now also turned against me. I had no intention of becoming a scapegoat for their ‘justice.’

So, I chose death…

At least, I thought I did.


When I came to, I had returned to twenty years ago.

A miracle had occurred.
* * *

Caelum will fall within twenty years.

Because of an unknown spy.

To catch the spy who must have been hiding on the ship for at least ten years and to protect my family, I needed to have enough authority and position.

‘It’s okay now, because there’s something I can do.’

With that, I proudly declared to Nereus,

“I’m going to be a doctor.”
“A doctor?”

“Yes, the ship’s doctor. I’ll become the ship’s doctor and treat everyone when they’re sick.”

Nereus stared at me with wide eyes at my admirable proclamation as a six-year-old, then…

He laughed loudly.

What a troublesome person.

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