First Interstellar Guide

First Interstellar Guide

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The B-73 human base was attacked by a deformed species with heavy casualties. The Falcon Special Warfare Team was ordered to go to the rescue, when Lu Zexuan saw a strange teenager in the bas**ent full of debris.

The young man was pale and thin, his beautiful black and red pupils did not react at all, and the palm-sized spirit body of a white fox was dying at his feet.

—This is a badly injured guide.

Lu Zexuan immediately took him back to the safe area for treatment.

Within a few days, a number of mysterious officials died in the security zone.

The Federal Investigation Department sent people to investigate but found out that these dead people had more or less intersected with the boy with different pupils.

It’s just that every time, when these people die, he has a perfect alibi.


Lu Zexuan doubted Yu Ran’s origin, in order to find out the truth, he submitted a matching application to the association and took Yu Ran with him.

Soon, this news spread in the circle: “I heard that Lu Zexuan, an S-class sentinel, took a fancy to a C-class little guide?” “That guide is only 18 years old!” “General Lu really has a unique taste.”

At the federal banquet, the newly grown guide came followed by the tall general, looking innocent, pitiful and weak. Lu Zexuan subconsciously protected him from behind him.

Until one day, the Falcon Special Combat Team was surrounded by mu*derous alien creatures, Lu Zexuan was seriously injured and on the verge of mental collapse.

Before he lost consciousness, he saw the guide beside him stretching out countless spiritual tent**les towards the beasts.

Yu Ran, who was usually simple and innocent, his gaze at that moment was decisive and sharp, his strong spiritual power made all monsters instantly surrender to his feet.

He stepped over the corpse mountain and blood sea of the beasts, calmly walked to Lu Zexuan, and stretched out his hand towards the sentinel: “Do you need me to protect you, General Lu?

Lu Zexuan: “…………”


No one knows that the boy with different pupils who is innocent on the surface actually has a terrifying and powerful spiritual power.

He was the first guide in history of the Federation to awaken dual spirit animals.

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